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New CC Cookie-squashed.jpg

Wham Bam

chocolate chunk

Two premium, velvety chocolates - milk and dark - embedded in rich, soft cookie dough.  Highly addictive and a Fan Favorite!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

White Choc-squashed.jpg

Wham Bam

white chocolate macadamia

Decadent white chocolate, surrounded by warm, toasted macadamia nuts and delicately shaved coconut.

*Also available Gluten-Free!

New PB Cookie-squashed.jpg

Wham Bam

Peanut Butter Bam!

Thick and buttery, with soft peanut butter chips, mini Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and crunchy peanut chunks.  You better have some milk ready!

*Also available Gluten-Free!



This red-hot cookie is packed with real Tabasco-brand dark chocolate, chili-infused dark chocolate and ancho chili pepper. It’s not too hot to handle, but definitely hard to share with anyone else!

*Also available Gluten-Free!


who's your daddy?

All of your favorite snacks are packed into one delicious cookie!  Enjoy pieces of warm caramel, honey-roasted peanuts, crunchy pretzel bits, and chocolate chunks in every bite.  Topped with a delicate flaky salt.

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Cowboy Cookie-squashed.jpg

Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy! Cookies

A take on the classic 'kitchen sink' cookie, this wild ride is packed with...Takes a HUGE breath...Rice Krispies, Chocolate chunks, caramel chips, toasted pecans, peanut butter chips AND M&M's!  Giddy on up!

*Also available Gluten-Free!


Gimme some sugar! cookies

Playful, colorful, sweet, soft, AND crunchy.  Decorated with two kinds of sprinkles and made only from the richest butter, these sugar cookies will literally melt in your mouth!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Butter Pecan-squashed.jpg

Pecan you butter me up? cookies

If Butter Pecan Ice-Cream decided it wanted to be a cookie...  This delicious blend of rich butter, toasted pecan chunks, and real caramel chips come together to create an unforgettable treat.  Drizzled in a caramel glaze.

*Also available Gluten-Free!



Bright, citrusy, and made with real lime juice.  These summertime gems are packed with crystallized candied ginger and fresh lime zest.  Finished with toasted coconut and drizzled with a lime glaze.  Wow!

*Also available Gluten-Free!


feelin' my oats-meal cookies

Warm and chewy, with wholesome oats and a yummy hint of spice.  Try these cozy cookies Original, with Raisins, Chocolate Chunks, or indulge in our 'Loaded' variety containing juicy cranberries, warm toasted pecans, and white chocolate morsels.  *Farmer's Market options may vary upon demand.

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Maple Sugar-squashed.jpg

leaf me breathless maple cookies

Comforting during the Fall, these rich, maple sugar cookies are wonderful with milk or coffee, decorated with maple-vanilla infused glaze for extra coziness!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Cinnamon Sugar-squashed.jpg

sinsational cinnamon sugar cookies

A flavorful swirl of warm spices and chewy sugary goodness.  Sprinkled with classic cinnamon sugar crystals to add a delightful crunch to every bite.

*Also available Gluten-Free!


chai got you, babe cookies

Exotic cardamom, cloves, ginger and cinnamon spice lightly compliment this buttery sugar cookie drizzled in silky white chocolate.

*Also available Gluten-Free!

You're the Fred to my Ginger Cookie-squa

you're the fred to my ginger! cookies

Rich molasses, real crystalized ginger, and warm spices all melt together in this soft, chewy ginger cookie.  Sprinkled with Turbinado sugar crystals.

*Also available Gluten-Free!

themed favorites

Love rooting for your favorite sports team?  Or how about making that holiday party even more memorable?  While we do bring out these specially decorated cookies during the holidays every market season, there's NO limit to the amount of fun you can enjoy off-season too!  Custom-decorated cakes and cookies are available per request.  Take a look at our slide-show to see some of the past fun treats we've custom made over the years!

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