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Brownies w_milk-squashed.jpg

tall, dark, and hand-me-some brownies

A thick, fudge brownie that delivers two kinds of rich, gooey milk and dark chocolates in every chewy bite.  Available with crunchy walnuts or hints of espresso for that extra 'Mmmm!'

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Espresso Brownies.jpg


*Winner of the 2022 'Best Open Class' at the 2022 Colorado Chocolate Festival!*  Made with real espresso, these rich and dense brownies are coated with a luxurious dark chocolate espresso ganache.  Pair one with a hot cup of coffee or iced latte - this award winner *IS* the dessert you’ve been waiting for.

*Also available Gluten-Free!


blondies have more fun!

It's the truth!  These butterscotch caramel blondies are gooey, sugary, and packed with crunchy toasted walnuts and white chocolate chunks.  

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Banana Crunch-squashed.jpg

goin' bananas for you!

crunch cake

Soft and oh-so-moist, this banana cake is over-flowing with deliciousness!  A toasty layer of crunchy oats garnish this dense cake filled with real bananas, white chocolate, hints of coconut, and lots of love!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Coffee Cake-squashed.jpg

espresso yourself! crumb cake

Start your day off right with a hefty slice of our sweet and comforting crumb cake.  Layered with a delicate sprinkling of cinnamon and magic right in the middle!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Lemon Cake-squashed.jpg

lemme be your main squeeze! lemon cake

Sweet, fluffy, buttery and tangy, this not-too-tart lemon cake will add a subtle zest to your taste buds that leaves you wanting more!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Strawberry Cake-squashed.jpg

i love you strawberry much! cake

Packed with fresh, juicy strawberries and hints of white chocolate, this delightful fruity cake is a real summer favorite.

*Also available Gluten-Free!


peachy keen cake

You'll be a real peach when you serve this cake up at a family gathering!  Made with real whole peaches, ripe and sweet, embedded in rich, moist cake.

*Also available Gluten-Free!

It takes two to mango cake

Packed with fresh sliced mango, this fluffy moist cake is glazed to perfection.  It is the ultimate delectable dessert for enjoying the sunny days of summer with bright and juicy flavors.  Yum!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Mango Cake.jpg
Carrot Cake-squashed.jpg

24 karat carrot cake

Get your extra serving of vegetables and fruit with our gourmet carrot cake – filled with freshly minced carrots, juicy crushed pineapple and shaved coconut!  Decorated with a one-of-a-kind glaze that really is worth 24K!

*Also available Gluten-Free!


an a-pear to remember cake

The cake you never knew you needed so badly!  This dense, hearty cake is made with fresh pears, warm cinnamon and rich butter.  Great for breakfast or desert!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Pumpkin Cake-squashed.jpg


spice up your life! cake

Cozy on up to this seasonal favorite - made with warm spices, pure pumpkin, and a silky sweet maple glaze that takes every bite to a whole new level!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Pumpkin Blondies-squashed.jpg


spice up your life! blondies

Come September, our Blondies have a lot more fun when they are spiced up with real pumpkin to bring on the Fall spirit.

*Also available Gluten-Free!

Apple Cake-squashed.jpg

apple-y ever after cake

Delicious caramelized Gala apples are baked into this warm, buttery cake.  Topped with a rich brown sugar crumb layer that'll keep you coming back for another slice!

*Also available Gluten-Free!


'You're the Fred to my Ginger' Cake and Bars are available for custom orders during the Winter.  These rich molasses ginger treats fill you up with cozy spices and addictive cream cheese frosting.   For a chocolate fix, try our Peppermint Tall, Dark, and Hand-Me-Some Brownies - a minty-fresh holiday twist on the original!

*Also available Gluten-Free!

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